The lockdown key : )0(pen

We were fired by the will to become the grown-up, the one we once feared. We put on masks and pretended to be the fear. But we have forgotten.

The real-world philosophical and practical implications of uncovering the illusion of the self lie in the feeling of awe that reminds us we are part of the universe.

We are the Universe becoming conscious.

Things have changed so much over the last few months.

For you, for the other, for the world.

A threat to humanity; such breadth of consequences.

We are all breaking through our previous sets.

Like actors going to practice for the same show, every day

– but suddenly

we are sent a new script –

New, inconsistent; instructions.

My experience is not the same as yours.

Yet we both have new scenes to prepare for – to set up.

It can be scary,

there is so much at risk.

Some are sent the pain of loss,

others their script in foreign language

– feverishly trying to translate it to their own.

“It’s not just darkness though.” the Whisper said; the Silent Rise.

“If we swim out of the muddy waters in the night

– perhaps the light can guide us through the illusion.”

We can remember again

that it’s only a show –

and pick our own narrative this time.


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