1. To Pithano (simultaneously means The Probable, Possible in Greek) is a philosophical-psychological novel about the role of memory as a story-teller.

The story follows the amnesiac hero who suffers from a rare sleep disorder:

Bruce Damiens finds himself in Bolton East’s Rare Sleep Disorders inpatient clinic.

He enters different worlds in his dreams and having no memory of a past life to compare to, he starts to lose himself in the stories, questioning his conviction in his reality at the clinic.

Following a risky experimental treatment, he finds himself at his flat, facing the reflection of his life before his accident. He feverishly tries to distinguish the genuine from the illusory memories until a manuscript helps him remember.

When he wakes up at the clinic, he is ready to leave. Having now found enough pieces of the puzzle, he starts again, this time with a completely different perspective.

To Pithano is a hymn to the world of possibilities one can unlock by overcoming the limitations of probabilities.

The philosophy of To Pithano is based on the notion that:

Our sense of who we are, our ego construct, is made up of norms about the self;

Narratives about how we have always been, that determine our future behaviour and ensure minimum deviation

– resulting in a consistent identity, the illusion of the self.

2. The sequel of To Pithano, To Pragmatiko (The Real) is under construction

and wills to address the Potential of Creativity outside the limits of probabilistic thinking.


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