Curiosity : Wanting a bigger world

Did you see me peering through the window?

Did you hear my breath follow your step?

Did you stop to notice the hidden marbles in the sand?

This time? Last time?

Next time. I move.

Am I in the reflections of your memories? How about now?

Did you forget again? There, I kissed your skin and left a mark, unseen.

I am the ‘something more’ you grasped so firmly once.

I’ll come back for you each time you welcome me.

Look back at me in the next dream, then turn around.

I am no one else, but you. All you can be.

If you see me, I’ll be there.

If it’s been a while, it might be dark.

A promise:

If you question me I’ll open. I expand.

I bring no certainty. My gift is its absence.

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