Eirini (ειρήνη) is the Greek word for peace, with etymological roots in εἴρω= means both to connect, bring together, and to converse + νοῦς= mind, reason

Eiro – root εἴρω:

a. to interlace, tie, bring together

b. to speak, converse

…the Greek eiro which says (or ties) together the interlacing of lace and saying, the symploké of discourse and binding…

Derrida – “At this very moment’, 28

Nous – root  *νόος νοῦς:

a: an intelligent purposive principle of the world

b: the divine reason regarded in Neoplatonism as the first emanation of God

νοῦς is also hypothesised to be the root of νόστος – nostos: to return home safely

*nes + *τος (=creates verbal adjectives of possibility, either active or passive)

the coming back, of which the first meaning is ‘salvation’.

Could we, perhaps, save ourselves (our minds) by connecting?

Open communication is at the centre of our relationship with others and within ourselves.

Through forming connections and having discussions with intellectual humility we can create a holistic, inter-disciplinary Psychology.

We can start creating eirini (peace) by connecting the pieces of the puzzle, evaluating their foundations and getting rid of all illusions of objective truth using reason.

Logos eirini stems from examining every idea on its own merit with the use of logos, remembering to ask why.

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