The Question isn’t whether free will exists, but rather, how do we liberate ourselves from the prisons of probabilistic thinking and become free to no longer reproduce; but create a New World.

Can you imagine a co-operative humanity that invests in everyone reaching their full creative potential?

Adam Rutland, PhD – Professor of Psychology – Exeter, UK

Adam is a Professor of Psychology at Exeter University whose expertise spans issues related to social-cognitive development. Adam has been studying prejudice, and social and moral reasoning in childhood development, for over 30 years.

He is also the Director of the Developmental Intergroup Processes (DIP) Lab. The lab’s research encompasses peer exclusion, rejection, victimisation and pro-sociality, in intergroup contexts. Their exploration of intergroup processes highlights the role of dynamics and perceived norms as well as their impact on children and adolescents’ psychological wellbeing, informing prevention and interventions.

Aqsa Farooq – Founder of Ceyeber and PhD Researcher – London, UK

Aqsa studies misinformation in the context of children’s and adolescents’ moral decision making.

She is the founder of Ceyeber, a research-based web game with the mission to train children in critical thinking skills, protecting them against cyber-security threats by arming them with tools to identify misinformation.

Elissa Mood – Integrative Counsellor – Exeter, UK

Elissa is an Integrative Counsellor. Her studies in Social Anthropology at Edinburgh University were driven by a keen awareness of the power dynamics and the ways in which people become segregated within and isolated from society.

Nora Anagnostou, PhD – Philologist – Thessaloniki, Greece

Nora has been teaching Ancient Greek, History, and Literature in secondary schools in Greece for over 35 years. As part of her PhD in Creative Writing she tested an alternative way of teaching Literature: inviting students to approach the word as creative writers rather than simply readers. By the end of the year, students had started a creative revolution – writing verses on the walls – “I am a poem“.

Nora has also completed her Post-Doctoral studies at Aristotle University’s Department of Education, under the topic “Poems for Children” and authored textbooks for the study of Literature in preparation for the Greek University Entrance Exams.

Tom Lewis PhD Researcher – Exeter, UK

Tom’s research explores marginalised identities, social relationships and stigma. His work investigates how aspects of social relationships contribute to health outcomes and how this differs for dominant and marginalised identities (with a particular focus on gender).

Tom’s PhD incorporates different social identity theories which inform his exploration of human relationships. Tom is working on developing a theoretical framework for understanding the role support and communication play in positive relationships, as well as their impact on perceptions of stigma.

The list, like reality, is constantly under construction.

How can We find ways to re-introduce the childlike sense of wonder into our lives through cultivating creativity and reason.?

The goal of the collaboration is to connect minds for a new educational theoretical and practical approach, towards a flourishing humanity.


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