About the Space

Welcome to Logos Eirini. This is a metaphorical space grounded on the belief that everyone can become a conscious author to their experience.

The pages are here to form opportunities for journeys within.

logos eirini is an invitation

To join a movement of conscious thinking by becoming aware of norm compliance around us, but also within

To dive v into the foundations of the current narrative driving forces


rather than fight against their resulting conditions:

bring the essence of ideas to the table

initiating discussion to identify their connections

building new & novel n/forms of collaboration

On this site, you will find content to spark you on journeys of questioning


The role of memory as a story-teller and the meeting point of the Probable/Possible/Potential: To Pithano (Το Πιθανό)

The ‘real’ mental power of the narrative in creating norms that shape our reality: To Pragmatiko – (Το Πραγματικό)

This is a spot to find yourself:

Questioning the mirror: When was the last time you questioned what you are?

Rediscovering the Child: What did you sense as a child that you haven’t experienced in a long time?

Remembering you have joined the lotus-eaters*, but it’s not who you are

*(In Homer’s Odyssey, the Lotus-Eaters were the inhabitants of an island where people ate a mysterious plant and were slowly overcome by a blissful forgetfulness.)

It’s a spot to embrace uncertainty and explore

Perhaps you’ll start recognising the ever(y)child around, and within.


One can’t always choose the subject matter; but they can become the weaver of their narratives

Eirini Arket

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